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Petri dish for raising silkworm eggs

Petri Dishes Packs of 5

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Petri dishes are a great way to mature your Silkworm eggs within a safe and controlled environment.

All our Sterilin® Petri dishes are manufactured within a class J clean room and comply with BS 5295. They remain within the cleanroom all during the manufacturing process to ensure that your Silkworms or eggs are as healthy as can be. An in-house microbiology department performs all the tests including that of sterility.

  • Transparent Polystyrene and optically clear Petri dishes

  • Stackable

  • For single-use

  • Sterile by irradiation (-0000 gamma-irradiated -0004 E-Beam irradiated)

  • Consistent flatness allows for even media distribution

  • 71469 is vented with four small holes